Books about Rocks

We love to bring children’s books to our Nature and Science programs at Wonder Works! We always have a book corner, plus we scatter books among the program activities (at least the activities that aren’t too messy):

We’ve even had the Oak Park Public Library Book Bike to some of our summer programs:


And, of course, we brought lots of books to the Symposium. Here’s a master list of them:

Books about play and learning:

Daly, Lisa, & Beloglovsky, Miriam. (2015). Loose Parts: Inspiring play in young children. St. Paul, MN: Redleaf Press. (Loose Parts 2, for infants and toddlers, is scheduled for August, 2016.)

Ward, Sharon. (2005). The Little Book of Small World Play. Featherstone Education.

Books about discovering rocks and the things you can do once you have them:

Baylor, B. (1985). Everybody Needs a Rock. New York: Aladdin Paperbacks.

Christian, P. (2000). If You Find a Rock. San Diego: Harcourt.

Lionni, L. (1961). On My Beach There Are Many Pebbles. New York: Mulberry Books.

Salas, L.P. (2015). A Rock Can Be… Millbrook Press.

Books about collecting rocks (for and about young collectors):

Chasek, Ruth. (2000). Rocks and Minerals. Danbury, CT: Rosen World Books.

Gans, Roma. (1984/1997). Let’s Go Rock Collecting. New York, NY: Harper-Collins.

Hurst, Carol Otis. (2001). Rocks in His Head. Greenwillow Books.

Hyde, Natalie. (2012). How to Be a Rock Collector. New York, NY: Crabtree Publishing.

Karwoski, Gail. (2007). Julie the Rockhound. Mt. Pleasant, SC: Sylvan Dell Publishing.

Lowery, Lawrence F. (2013). Spenser and the Rocks. Arlington, VA: NSTA Kids.

Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth. (2009). Rocks! Rocks! Rocks! Tarrytown, NY: Marshall Cavendish Children.

Books that tell the “life stories” of individual rocks:

Hooper, M., & Coady, C. (1996). The Pebble in My Pocket: A History of Our Earth. New York: Viking. (Weathering processes and Earth history told as the story of a pebble.)

Hiscock, B. (1999). The Big Rock. Aladdin (paperback version) (Earth history as a backdrop to how a large boulder came to be.)

Books with projects for young rock collectors:

Challoner, J. (1999). Young Scientist Concepts & Projects: Rocks and Minerals. Milwaukee: Gareth Stevens.

Morgan, B. (2005). Nature Activities: Rock and Fossil Hunter. London: DK.

Books that help identify rocks found in the Chicago region and nearby states:

Frankie, W. (2004). Guide to Rocks and Minerals of Illinois. Geoscience Education Series 16. Champaign: Illinois State Geological Survey.

Mueller, B., & Gauthier, K. (2006). Lake Michigan Rock Picker’s Guide. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

Robinson, Susan, (2001). Is this an Agate? An Illustrated Guide to Lake Superior’s Beach Stones, Michigan.

Smith, Edward E. (2003). Geodes of the Midwest.New London, IA: Secrets of the Pros.

Stensaas, Mark Sparky. (2000). Rock Picker’s Guide to Lake Superior’s North Shore. Kollath-Stensaas Publishing.