Spinner and Sales

This page may help you identify specimens you bought at the ESCONI Juniors sales tables or won at the ESCONI spinner. We used many of the same rock, mineral, and fossil specimens for both the ESCONI sales area and the spinner.

For a quarter a spin (or five spins for a dollar), children could take their chances with the ESCONI spinner. Each spin won at least one mineral, rock, fossil, or shell specimen:


The ESCONI Juniors sales tables included inexpensive rocks, minerals, fossils, and shells that were sold only to children and teachers. The following photos show the specimens we had for sale on these tables on Saturday:






To identify common Mazon Creek plant fossils, go to this Illinois Department of Natureal Resources page. This Field Museum web page has many photos of plant fossils and more information about the Mazon Creek area.




After looking at these photos, if you still cannot identify something you obtained at the ESCONI Juniors booth, email me a photo of the specimen, and I’ll see if I can tell you what it is. (I’m Eric Gyllenhaal at gyllenfish@aol.com )